Daredevils featured at Fair

Circus Incredible is the newest addition to the Columbia County Fair lineup this year.  The act features members of two different world-famous acrobatic families.  Lyric Wallenda, part of the seventh-generation of the world-famous Wallenda family of circus performers, will display her aerial artistry of grace, beauty, and strength on a trapeze suspended 30 feet in ...READ MORE



The well know local group Jarrod returns to the Upper Beer Garden with Dick Leavitt, Joe Clapper, Jack Bogarski and new members Frank Wildermuth and Aaron Perry, playing your favorite classic rock & roll tunes that we all know and love to hear.


October Rose

Passion. Drive. Determination. That’s what Leanne Weiss and Derek Allan bring to country music. You won’t find them sitting still, nor can you try to stop them. Since their formation, October Rose’s momentum grows stronger by the day. “Heartbreak Song,” the emotional song that started it all, gained critical acclaim and traction on the country ...READ MORE

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