Fans of Tom Petty can once again experience the legendary singer’s music through The BrokenHearted, a tribute band that captures the essence of the late musician’s sound and style.

Comprised of seasoned musicians who share a passion for Tom Petty’s music, The BrokenHearted pays homage to the iconic artist by delivering a powerful and authentic performance that leaves audiences feeling like they’ve been transported back in time to the peak of Tom Petty’s career.

The band’s lead singer Johnny Clifford channels Petty’s distinctive voice with precision and energy, while the other members of the group provide the driving rhythms and harmonies that make up the signature sound of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

The BrokenHearted has quickly built a dedicated following, thanks to their attention to detail and their commitment to recreating the classic songs that fans have come to know and love. From “American Girl” to “Free Fallin’,” the band delivers hit after hit in a high-energy, crowd-pleasing performance.